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Welcome beautiful souls to Crystal Living!
You have come here today because of your love of crystals. We definitely have that in common. We have a beautiful extensive range of Crystals, Fossils Gem Stones, Jewellery, Candles and Clusters. Come in and visit us store at our tranquil Sunshine Coast Shop or join us on our Live Sales. We welcome you to our crystal family and may each crystal you choose, choose you.

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Crystals come in a variety of shapes both natural and hand polished. While these are quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they also have many metaphysical meanings. They can be used in healings for yourself or others which makes these a great tool to use in any healing modality.
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We have a myriad of different crystals in all different sizes and colours. Each crystal has its own specific meaning and purpose.
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Crystals have long been used for comfort & support. All crystals have a specific meaning & support many emotional feelings.
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